Slimming mode of action


100% natural and healthy weight loss

9 natural active ingredients form the basis of the Redix®-Vital slimming capsules. In order to be able to offer you the best possible ingredients, these have been carefully selected and tested by scientists. Capsium is the main component of the capsules, it is a natural component of the pepper, paprika and chilli plants, which stimulates the metabolism in the body. The combination of capsium and the other active ingredients such as acai berry, goji berry, Oloong tea, black pepper, Garcinia Cambogia, bitter melon, anhydrous caffeine and vitamin B3 results in the successful and rapid effect of losing weight.


Sharp make the body slim

Good news for anyone who likes spicy food. It is known that foods that are spicy heat up the body, causing more energy to be burned. An additional positive side effect is the strengthening of the immune system.
Of course, you can't and don't want to eat so many spicy foods in one day to lose weight in the long term. Redix®-Vital is the ideal solution for this!
Developed by scientists and clinically tested, with the successful 9-fold formula✔ you achieve the best possible results. The weight-loss product, which has been certified with the coveted seal of approval by the Öko-Control Baumholder institute and laboratory, is precisely tailored to the daily routine.

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How do the weight loss capsules work?

With Redix®-Vital, the build-up of fat is blocked, fat and calories are burned, which promotes rapid weight loss and that without top athletic performance. With the powerful active ingredients from nature, calories and fat are burned with just one capsule, as has been proven by extensive and clinical studies. The natural and effective effect could be documented on 50 overweight people. These were able to reduce your body weight by a staggering 7.5% in just 3 months without having to change your usual daily routine. You can find a whole range of experiences here :

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